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Foldable cosmetic display

Posted on 2012-10-15 15:22:26, 2013 by


Foldable cosmetic display Contact: Email: sales@acryliclight.com Skype: Anna

Foldable LED cosmetic display for Artistry

model: LCD-01

Base size: 356*279*30mm
Back board size: 356*279*8mm

1. 48pcs LED for 8pcs circles and 18pcs LEDs for "star sunlight" on the back board film
2. Circles with 7mm depth recession and clear acrylic with one side opaque
3. The hinge is custom stainless steel  part, with great damping effect
4.The bottom part with non-slip mats
5. can be folded like a laptop
6. transformer power supply




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